Building 429 Untimate Collection Review



This best-of collection picks tracks from the North Carolina based rocker’s first three albums released on the Word Records label: 2005’s ‘Space In Between Us’, 2006’s ‘Rise’ and 2007’s ‘Iris To Iris’. The band’s mix of powerful post-grunge guitar riffs, uplifting lyrics and softer, slightly southern-tinged acoustic moments sat nicely alongside contemporary rock acts like The Calling, Shinedown and Lifehouse. Their sound hasn’t aged particularly well, however, and while this compilation does a decent job of putting all their big hits in one place, it doesn’t show any new sides to the band and is unlikely to win them many new fans. It starts well enough with signature song “Glory Defined”, the band’s first smash hit and probably still their best, which roars along on a current of meaty guitars, no-nonsense drumming and a brilliantly fist-pumping chorus.  The album then takes us through the band’s most famous singles from the next few years and the main problem is that they all sound basically the same. Putting all of the group’s most radio-friendly material in one place leaves you swamped with pretty but unremarkable mid-tempo numbers which all follow the exact same predictable structure. Tracks like “The Space In Between Us” and “I Belong To You” pass by without leaving much impression as subdued verses give way to plodding power-chord driven choruses again and again. There are a couple of exceptions like the gorgeous, wholly-acoustic “Grace That Is Greater” and the more aggressive, dynamic “Fearless” but getting through all 15 tracks is quite a slog. Building 429 are nowhere near as one-note as this selection makes them out to be, and given that there are already two compilations available from this era of their career it’s hard to see what the point of this CD is.



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