Saint Esprit-Saint Esprit


Californian EDM duo Saint Esprit’s self titled debut is a finely crafted collection of bright, enjoyable electronic pop songs with positive, upbeat lyrics. Musically their warm, buzzing synth sounds and twinkling electronics aren’t a million miles away from contemporary eletro acts like Robyn or CHVRCHES, but their God-focused lyrics and Kelly Bibeau’s relaxed, super smooth vocals set them apart. There are a few issues with the album’s production but the strength of the songwriting and overall abundance of energy are hard to fault. These guys really know how to write catchy hooks and huge sounding choruses- opening track “Wildfire” will probably remain stuck in your head for the rest of your life after a couple of listens, and the remix by Matthew Parker that ends the set is even better, featuring a bigger variety of sounds and even a children’s choir. “I Can Be The Light” has a distinctly 80’s disco vibe and superb lyrics about carrying Jesus’ light into dark places, but the standout track is definitely “Home” with its stripped down verses flowing into utterly gorgeous harmonies on the chorus, The snippets of rapped vocals that are awesome too, in a slightly cheesy kind of way. The music does lack a bit of punch, mostly due to the lack of bass in the mix, and some of the vocal effects start to grate after a while. There’s heavy use of autotune on some tracks but honestly Bibeau’s voice sounds way better without it. Even so the whole album is great, easygoing fun to listen to, and a solid start to Saint Esprit’s career.



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