Tim Hughes- Pocketful of Faith



Tim Hughes’ latest studio album finds the prolific worship leader drawing inspiration from his recent experiences uprooting from his home in London and Holy Trinity Brompton to start a whole new church in Birmingham. This sense of stepping out into the unknown and asking God to use what little we can bring pervades the album thematically, and musically Hughes uses the opportunity to inject a few new ideas and sounds into his tried and tested worship formula.  The result is a strong, diverse and vibrant set of songs and a fine addition to Hughes’ already impressive catalogue. Opener “Here With Me” kicks things off nicely with its strong, instantly familiar melodies, propulsive rhythms and a great chorus about the amazing truth that God is with us wherever we are in life. “Set Apart” and ‘Symphony’ are likewise near-perfect modernisations of the sound Hughes has been working with for years, while “The Way” sounds like an updated version of “Happy Day” with its pounding beat and celebratory lyrics, and is sure to become a staple in Churches across the UK, even if it does sound a LOT like Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” A few of the softer tracks don’t quite rise above just being the usual pleasant enough generic worship tracks, but amongst the congregation-ready anthems are a few oddballs like the raucous, gospel tinged “Plans”, which is the most surprising song on the album and might just be the best. Vocally, Hughes is on top form and the production is excellent throughout – lacking a bit of punch but super slick and brilliantly highlighting all the fine details of the arrangements. Tim Hughes has been a mainstay of British worship ever since ‘Here I Am To Worship’ but he hasn’t sounded this fresh, this exciting, in a long time.




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