Eikon/Clarke- G.D.W.T.


‘G.D.W.T.’ is a collaboration between Californian worship singers Darren & Jessie Clarke and London based electronic duo Eikon. The EP provides an interesting new look at some of the Clarke’s best moments and serves to introduce Eikon’s inventive modern electronica to a wider audience. The set opens with the song that inspired the collaboration: Eikon’s cover of the worship classic “I Love Your Presence”. The song is given a polished electronic makeover with shimmering keyboards ornamenting the verses and a hushed, reverent chorus that rises and falls like gentle waves. The contemporary sound and David Hendra’s soaring vocal performance make this a worthy addition to any chilled out worship playlist. The remaining tracks- three covers from Clarke’s ‘Hand of God’ and one original-  are perfectly decent but fail to live up to this initial standout. The main reason is that Darren Clarke’s raw, folksy voice doesn’t suit this type of music. Fans of Darren and Jessie’s work may find it interesting to hear “It All Comes Down To You” re-made as a bouncy urban dance track, but the vocals feel oddly disconnected from the music, which stops this version taking on a life of its own. “Ever Strong” is more of a success, with its infectious Caribbean groove and earworm of a chorus. Even so the awkward transitions between sections and the sheer number of different sounds on display makes it feel more like a studio experiment than a finished track. Fans from both camps will find that this EP contains one essential track and a few enjoyable curiosities. Ultimately though this effort to fuse two very different musical worlds is only partially successful and doesn’t come close to the best of either artist.



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