Red Letter Hero- You Have My Heart


‘You Have My Heart’ is an EP of worship covers from Oklahoma based rock band Red Letter Hero, available for free download via their bandcamp page. These five tracks are given a lively, guitar driven makeover, arriving at a sound that falls somewhere between the moodier edge of Bethel or Jesus Culture and the radio friendly CCM rock of Third Day and Building 429. The result isn’t exactly revolutionary but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. The most familiar song to most listeners will undoubtedly be Jesus Culture’s “Your Love Never Fails”. Red Letter Hero’s rendition sticks close to the original but their ragged, distorted guitars and swaggering drum beats give the song a relaxed retro-rock vibe, and musicians will definitely appreciate the nonchalant lead guitar licks and fluid basslines that wander in and out of the song. The remaining four tracks are probably less well known, and all the more interesting for it. Their cover of Gungor’s “Beautiful Things” starts out as a delicate acoustic ballad similar to the original but halfway through it trades out the airy atmosphere for punchier guitars and a bigger, stronger sound. Vocalist Chance Greer does a fine job conveying the song’s vulnerability, and the high-register melodies and powerfully honest lyrics are just as beautiful in his hands.  Another highlight is “All The Poor And Powerless”, which reveals a poppier side to the band with spacey keyboards and a gentle xylophone melody. The stunning multi-part vocal arrangement captures the reverent, hymnal atmosphere of the All Sons And Daughters original, and might even surpass it. Their renditions may not shed much new light on these songs, but Red Letter Hero’s crunchy guitars, beautiful vocal harmonies and spirited performances make ‘You Have My Heart’ well worth the price to download.



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